I have just got my Padi Open Water scuba diving certificate and i was looking to buy some fins that werent to expensive. All of these are in my price limit but could someone tell me which are the best?

I have never tried any of these fins, but these are my impressions from the photos, descriptions and reviews:

The first pair is almost certainly unsuitable for diving. Too short, and likely too flimsy/floppy to provide sufficient propulsion to a kitted-up diver, even if in only warm-water gear.

The second pair are specifically labelled as snorkeling fins, so again, may not have sufficient rigidity for diver propulsion. That said, these fins are at least longer than the others you listed, and Cressi (although not my favourite brand) do a good line in diving fins generally.

The third pair are also described as a snorkeling fin in the ‘Product description’. Again, they look a little short for a diving fin. That said, the single reviewer said he happily used a pair for diving in the Maldives, where currents can be quite… erm… strong.

Only the last pair are actually described as a ‘diving’ fin. But they look _very_ flimsy to me. I would frankly be reluctant to trust them even for snorkeling.

All four pairs are designed to be worn without booties, which means you can really only use them for (small) boat diving in very warm water. Using them for shore-based diving means you’d get sand/stones trapped in them during entries/ exits, which is very uncomfortable against bare feet. And without a pair of neoprene socks, you would get cold feet e.g. in the Med or Red Sea (common UK divers’ destinations) in winter/spring, when water temps are only 18-20°C. (Also, climbing day-boat ladders barefoot or socked can be slippery/dangerous, especially in choppy seas.)

Bluntly, I wouldn’t buy any of them. To be honest, I really think you’d be better off upping your prospective price range to about 40-50 quid, if you want a set of fins which are going to last you any appreciable length of time, and which you can use everywhere (including the UK, if you were so inclined later).

But if these were my only options, I would probably go for the Cressi or Aquatics fins, leaning more towards the Cressis since I’m not a big fan of split-fins. But you’re the one who’ll be diving in them, so it’s really up to you.