ok im buying some gear for SCUBA diving and i found a snorkel, fin, and mask set. I would like to know if its any good. Heres the link to the product.


i found these dive boots on the same site. if you could also say anything about those too.


and yes i do like the Navy SEALs lol

Depends what kind of diving you are doing and where you will be diving. I would never buy a black silicone mask unless I was into underwater photography. Having the silicone rubber all black will cut out lots of light from the water and reduce your visibility, which is perfect if you are a serious photographer but a disadvantage if you’re not. Plus other divers will snigger at you as they look like gimp masks.

The fins look quite short, if you have powerful legs and a strong fin kick these will be fine, if you don’t, longer fins will give you more propulsion through the water – not too long though or they’ll make your legs ache.

The snorkel doesn’t look like it has a purge valve, which is a one way valve at the bottom of the J which you can blow excess water out of, these are much easier to use than normal J shape snorkels.

As for the boots……. If you are diving from the shore where you will have to walk over rocks etc. they would be just the job. They look better for walking in than diving, if they are not flexible they will seriously hurt your ankles while you are finning. Iif you’re diving from a boat or shore diving on sandy and gravelly surfaces the boots at the bottom of the page with the mask snorkel and fins will be perfect.

The gear looks good but it’s expensive and you can get better for your money. You are better off visiting a dive shop where you can try the gear on before buying. Mares are one of the best makes of fins on the market. Clear silicon masks will give you more visibility and it’s essential you try before you buy to find the best fit for your face shape. To test the mask fold the strap in front of it, put the mask up to your face ensuring your hair isn’t trapped under it then breathe in through your nose, a good mask fit will stick to your face in this position only coming off when you breathe out. Check the bit below your nose doesn’t sit low on your lip or it will leak when you hold the regulator in your mouth as it will break the seal.

Happy diving.