Im going scuba diving in kay largo, Fl over Spring break.
what are some good shops to rent gear and dive with???

Hi –

When I dove in Key Largo, I went out with the operator in Pennenkamp State Park (which is a marine preserve). I had my own equipment and I don’t recall them having rentals.

There were lots of shops that sold dive gear and they may have also rented it.

So – to answer your question, I dog into my old Scuba Diving magazines. The February 2007 issue had reader ratings of Florida Key dive operators. The top rated operator in Key Largo was Horizon Divers with an overall rating of 94.8 (out of 100). Next was a tie between Amy Slate’s Amoray Dive Resort and Ocean Divers at 88.9, then Rainbow Reef at 84.2 and Silent world at 83.7. Horizon Divers charged $75 for a two tank boat dive with weights – most others also charge $75, but Ocean Divers charged $80. Silent World charged $65. I don’t know how much it costs to rent gear.

Favorite Key Largo dives were the Elbow, Molasses, Carysfort, and French Reefs, and the Spiegel Grove (wreck).

When you aren’t diving, you might enjoy kayaking on the bay side.

Have a great time diving – and I hope this helps.