I don;t know whether to spend $2000 on Scuba Gear, or save it for the future for things like uni or a car? I have been thinking about it for a while and just need an outside opinion. Thanks
another thing is that i really enjoy scuba diving and i really want my own gear, and i don’t want to continue waisting my money renting gear whan i can have my own. If i have my own then i can go out with the dive club for about $20, instead of $100 with the local store. I really am not sure.

Save your money. You will need it for school. Trust me I did not get into diving often, and get my own gear till I was 30. I could do all this BECAUSE I got a great-paying job from my EDUCATION 🙂

Plus, you can rent scuba gear when you go diving. Lots of schools have dive clubs that have gear your can borrow. If you dive very often, then I would recommend buying yourself a regulator/octo because that is your life support system, plus your mask, fins and snorkel. But you can rent your BC.