I just signed up for scuba classes at Underwater Sports here in Seattle, WA but am opting to do my final dives in the Bahamas in July.
Since I am not rich I’m wondering what scuba gear I should rent instead of buy, for a beginner.

Also – should your wetsuit fit snug or loose? I found an Oceanic brand 2 pc wetsuit on craigslist for $40 (in great condition) that’s for a female 100-120lbs & 5′-5’5" tall, and I am 120lbs but almost 5.6.

What gear do I need for the Bahamas? Should I just rent there?

Hello look you just need to get the basic stuff if you´re a beginner which are:

Fins (you can choose between normal or boot type if you choose boot type you would also need a pair of booties)
I recommend Aeris,Beuchat,Scuba Pro or Mares

Snorkel with purge valve

Mask be sure is Tempered Glass (an accident without tempered glass would be a disaster for your eyes)
Be sure it fits properly

There is a Scuba Pro kit that contains snorkel and mask.
Optional equipment

Skin (the suit) if you´re going to Bahamas the weather should be warm you do not need a Neoprene suit of 3mm or 5mm you would feel like a chicken in the microwave. The skin suit is less than 1 mm thick and is not expensive.

Dry Bag Water proof, they`re cheap you can hold inside a towel your camera your room keys stuff like that without getting wet inside the boat.


That’s basically all you need