I’m going scuba diving in Florida next week and was packing my gear, is my wetsuit which is a 2pc bib style I think prolly 6.5mm thick going to be too warm for Florida (Orlando area, springs and maybe Gulf side diving i.e. Venice Beach)? I do get cold easily but I’m more used to Pacific water which is generally colder anyhow, so I’d hate to be too warm.

Also, for Florida diving what’s the alligator diving hazard there for springs?

Nobody can tell you what wetsuit will be best for you, only you know exactly how comfortable you will be at a given water temperature. That said, a 6.5mm farmer john/jacket combo seems like overkill for Florida diving…most people tend to use that level of protection in temps below 60-65 F or so. While I usually recommend that people err on the side of warmth, that sounds like too much for Florida…but again only you are in the position to make that call.

If I were you I would do some research on the water temps where you plan to dive and use your experience with your 6.5mm two-piece at other water temps, then make your decision. Operating blindly, I would think a well-fitting 5mm suit would be enough but only you can say for sure what is right for you.

Good luck!

FYI…I just checked a sea temperature chart and found the Gulf temps in the 85 F range. Many people would view those temperatures as comfortable in no wetsuit (not me!), a 3mm shorty, or a 3mm jumpsuit. The springs may be more in the 75 F range. You might want to consider layering to handle that range of temperatures, use a 3mm in the Gulf and add a 3mm hooded vest in the springs. Or something. 🙂