The word “adventure” has been a part of our lives in some minor or major experience. Travel has also been undertaken probably more frequently than we have had adventures. Now, when we combine these two words, a whole new vista of thrilling experiences come to our mind and understanding Adventure Travel becomes possible.

Adventure is usually thought of in terms of facing physical dangers, surpassing them and in the process there are some ups and downs that keep the suspense alive and finally either one feels a sense of achievement or disappointment. Well, adventure can be said to be a unique, out of the way experience that applies strictly to each one individually. The different kinds of adventures that one can think of can vary from being very passive to very active depending upon the nature of the individual. For example, for one, going for a walk in the countryside may spell adventure while to another, it could be whitewater rafting while a third may not be satisfied with anything less than a walk through an Amazon jungle!.

Mountaineering, rock-climbing, para-gliding, bungee jumping, sky-diving, bull-fighting, racing, etc can be termed as adventurous. The thrill and sense of danger that challenges a person’s capacity may attract them to undertake daring feats. These are some of the physically active adventures. Unlike these, exploring the countryside, visiting new cities or remote places, camping, trekking, scuba diving, going off on safaris also involve physical activity but these may be considered a little passive when compared to the ones mentioned above. For children, learning to ride a bicycle, horse riding, exploring an abandoned house, taking a roller coaster ride, or getting onto a giant wheel for the first time, may all constitute an adventure.

There are people who seem to be bitten by the travel bug and cannot stay in a place for long. They yearn to try out new places, visit the wonders of the world or far off remote areas, museums, art galleries, gambling casinos, libraries, temples, shrines, etc just to get the feel of it and experience that high of having known the unknown first hand. Adventure is that experience which goes beyond the normal or common routine of one’s life. It is exclusive to a particular individual depending on one’s personality, nature and tastes. It has entirely to do with one’s own imagination, physical and mental courage.

Sometimes, all the members of a family could have the same tastes as far as adventure is concerned. It makes traveling together that much easier. Sometimes, views within the family might differ. In which case, one might think going to Disney is an adventure while another might want to go up in a hot air balloon!

For some, adventure travel may be scaling the Mount Everest or mixing with the local people of an unknown village. Ultimately, the experience of making it adventurous lies totally within you as there is no yardstick to measure how adventurous an event has been for a person. It is your own, exclusive, personal experience!

Tom Sample