Many holiday makers go on a vacation scuba diving as they find it an extremely relaxing sport. One of the advantages of going on a scuba diving holiday is that there are so many interesting destinations to visit. It does not matter if you are a beginner in the sport of scuba diving as it is regarded as a very beginner friendly.

Many scuba divers choose to rent holiday villas or holiday cottages close to where they have chosen to dive. This enables then to safely store all of their diving gear and also gives them the freedom to sample the local culture.

Diving has grown into a major travel activity with some divers planning their entire vacation around their diving schedule. Other scuba divers mix their diving activities with spending time exploring the local countryside using their holiday villa as a base.

Africa is now a very popular diving destination with many divers going on vacation to Tofo in Mozambique. They like to dive there as it has good coral diving and an abundance of sea life. Whale sharks, manta rays and humpback whales are quit common in this area. Holiday cottages are popular places for divers to stay in Tofo.

South Africa is also a popular diving destination with many divers going on vacation there to dive with the sharks. Many divers choose to rent a holiday home by the sea and then go on safari before they end their vacation.

Australia is thought to have some of the best diving in the world. Many divers go there to dive the Great Barrier Reef, but now have to be careful as there has been damage caused to the reef through over diving. There are many other superb dive locations in Australia and many divers move about this vast country on multi center holidays. This is now possible due to the growing number of holiday homes and cottages that are now available for the scuba divers to rent.

North America is another extremely popular diving holiday destination. The Florida Keys has some great diving and cheap holiday home accommodation. Many divers come to the Florida Keys and bring there family with them on vacation. They are able to rent a holiday villa with swimming pool and get into the gentle pace of life down on the Keys.

One of the good thing about scuba diving holidays is that is a sport that can be enjoyed by young and old alike. As a result many families are now going on scuba diving vacations together. This has been made possible by the rising number of holiday homes now available for rental throughout the world. There is now holiday home accommodation available to suite almost every budget. You can rent a simple self catering apartment, a comfortable holiday cottage or a luxurious villa with a pool.

Andrew Gibson