Scuba Diving Resorts Belize the only way to have a great dive vacation?

No, you have an alternative to Belize dive resorts. A travel club membership that entitles you to travel to luxury resorts all over the world at the best dive destinations, 52 weeks a year and you don’t have to worry about going during the low season for the best price.

I have been diving for over 40 years and if you love great scuba diving vacations you can have them without staying at one of the dive resorts.

I am sure you are aware scuba diving resorts are always priced per person, this really increases the cost of your dive vacation.

Let me give you an example: This scenario is for Belize Ambergris Caye

Average dive resort price in Belize is $900 to $1300 plus tax per person for an 8 day 7 nights stay with 12 dives.

2 persons on the trip will cost you $1800 to $2600, this varies with the season.

Costa Maya Reef Ambergris Caye, Belize is one of the Resorts available in this travel club membership.

Cost for 7 nights and 8 days is $699 and no tax for a 1 bedroom. 12 dives at $405. Most of these 1 bedroom you can have 4 persons, further reducing your cost if there are more in your party. With 4 people it would be $580 per person. Great way to travel with the family.

Total cost for 2 is $1510 or $755 per person anytime of the year.

Savings $290 to $1090

Here is another example in Grand Cayman, I lived there for 4 years, I know this island well and it has great diving.

Average price for 7 nights and 8 days with a diving package is $1400 per person.

A 1 bedroom at Morrits Tortuga Club is $705 plus 6 days of diving at $1200 is $1905 or $952.50 per person.

Savings of $447.50 per person. You would save even more if there were more in your group.

Other advantages of the travel club membership are:


All resorts are 3 to 5 star.

All inclusive resorts are available.

Cap on the price that you can be charged of $799/week, NO per person charge.

No tax on the resort price.

You can get a 1, 2, or 3 bedroom at the same price based on availability.

Specials and hot weeks for $99 to $498.

Lifetime membership that is transferable.

Usually these resorts offer many more amenities than dive resorts, this can be important if your travel companion is not a diver, nasty weather, sinus infection (clearing problem) or you want to take in some other adventures on your trip.

How would you like to have your trips paid for? With this luxury travel club membership it is possible. Contact me if you want more information on how that works. Dave Zeller 800-725-0669.

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