With more than 6 million people occupying an area of about 485 square miles, Rio de Janeiro is the second largest city in Brazil. The many districts of Rio lie in three important areas: Centre, South, and North (including the suburbs). The more affluent South comprises the area between the hills and the sea from the Centre to the western limits of the city, while the North and the suburbs spread from the Centre to the northern and eastern limits. The great majority of tourist attractions and trendy shopping districts are concentrated in the Centre and the South of Rio de Janeiro, where all the major Rio penthouses are located.

The Center is crowded and packed with skyscrapers and is the home of the Monumento Nacional aos Mortos da II Guerra Mundial, the famous Teatro Municipal, the exquisite National Arts Museum, the Museu de Arte Moderna and the Sambódromo, where the Carnaval parades take place each and every year. The remarkable Republic Museum can be found in Catete while the Santos Dumont Airport is at the end of the Attero do Flamengo which is closer to Rio’s center.

Urca is an exclusive residential and secluded region and is located between Sugar Loaf and the 3 century old Fortaleza de Sao Jao. It is known for being a very quiet district, home of the fisherman and the Yacht Club. Rio de Janeiro has one of the most intensive and amazing nightlife in the world with dozens of clubs, fancy restaurants, bars and last but not least, hotels. For tourists this is a dream come true as they can find dozens of Rio penthouses to choose from. The Barra district is the home of the Chico Mendes Park which is a famous protected area for numerous wild animals like alligators and even birds. Also in Barra, tourists can find the biggest shopping center in all Rio, the Barrashopping and the Autodromo Nelson which is a motor racing track and the Riocentro Convention Center. Barra is known to have the cleanest beaches in all Rio and offer surfing and scuba diving areas for enthusiasts.

Some of the most expensive Rio penthouses and flats can be found in Sao Conrado which is located between a mountain and a breathtaking beach but very strange, also next to the Rochina which is the largest slum in Rio de Janeiro. As an alternative, a tourist can visit the Floresta da Tijuca which is a tropical forest right in the middle of Rio with winding roads that go throughout the trees and overhand 1000+ feet; this is the place where the most incredible views of the city and the sea can be found. The Rio penthouses do cover all budgets, as the price range starts from a moderately 180$ per night and goes up to 1000+ $ if money is no object. These Rio penthouses are very clean, with friendly staff and dozens of features and amenities.

All things considered, Rio de Janeiro should be on the list of every tourist because it has plenty to offer: exquisite scenery, lovely Rio penthouses, warm people, remarkable nightlife, dozens of sightseeing opportunities and many more.

Romijn A.