Depending on requirements, an individual, family, or group, can select and purchase an appropriate Travel Insurance package from insurance companies or the travel agent at the time of booking for a trip. Travel Insurance is offered for Single trips with return journeys, Multiple trips in a year either within the country or international travel, Ski and Winter Sports Insurance, Cheap Travel Insurance for Backpackers, and more.

If you are an individual or a family planning a yearly holiday and plan to travel within the country or visit another country for a few days, then the Single return journey package is appropriate. But you still have to analyze the options in the policy and the risks covered by the policy being offered. Most of the Single trip insurance packages include medical insurance for emergencies during travel, baggage insurance, and cancellation of flights and bookings insurance. The premium may seem a bit too much to pay for a few days travel, but it is always better to play it safe than to be sorry for not purchasing Travel Insurance.

The Annual Multi trip Travel insurance package is best for individuals who have to travel a lot, within and outside the country, either for business or visiting the company ‘s offices in different locations. This package is also good for actors who may have to travel extensively to different countries for shoots, and for travel writers who may travel extensively to different countries throughout the year. This package is also appropriate for families who go on many small trips lasting a week or more, several times in a year. The benefit of this package is that the individual businessman harried for time, or a family, which travels a lot throughout the year, does not need to purchase Travel Insurance every time they plan a trip. This is especially beneficial for businessmen, as they may have to travel at very short notice at times.

If you are an individual or family planning a Skiing and winter sports trip, then a Ski and winter sports Travel Insurance is important and necessary. Many companies offer Cheap Travel Insurance for Ski and winter sports enthusiasts and the insurance covers many of the risks associated with Skiing and winter sports. The Ski and winter sports insurance covers injury while Skiing or participating in other winter sports, providing the insured individual is not  in a prohibited area. The insurance normally covers all expenses incurred in getting the individual to hospital, including by air ambulance if required, and hospital expenses. Although most insurers and Travel Insurance packages cover many winter sports, it is better to be aware of and ask questions regarding what is covered and what is not.

An individual, student, or a couple travelling within the country or visiting or touring another country on a shoestring budget, with just a backpack, can get Cheap Travel Insurance with the most basic and minimum risks covered. Backpacker insurance packages can cover skiing and winter sports injuries, adventure sports and hazardous activities like wind surfing, scuba diving, etc. This Travel Insurance package also covers baggage insurance for lost or stolen baggage. For a student or a couple planning on a long trip overseas to Europe or backpacking in an unknown country, this insurance is essential.

Ron Mark