From its long white-sand beaches to its laid-back atmosphere, Negril is a perfect blend of true Jamaican culture and modernity. While the city does not have a distinct center, it does have four main districts. Sheffield Road is the closest thing Negril has to a center; it’s home to most of the city’s local markets, restaurants, gas stations, and its police station. East of Sheffield Road are Coral Seas Plaza and Plaza de Negril — the city’s main shopping district. South of Sheffield Road is Negril Square. Negril Square is where you’ll find an overload of taxis, hustlers, and sketchy tour guides. This area is best avoided as tourists are the designated prey. North of Sheffield Road is Red Ground — the city’s main residential district. And, surrounding all of this are pristine white beaches that extend into the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Outdoor Recreation

Thrill-seeking tourists will want to take a trip to Rick’s Café. On top of being a prime spot for viewing the Negril sunset, it is also equipped with a diving slab where brave tourists can choose to dive into the Caribbean Sea below. Those not brave enough may still enjoy watching others dive from the cliffside. Scuba diving and snorkeling are popular activities among tourists, and you can also pay to take a trip into the sea in a glass-bottom boat. While potentially overpriced, the brilliant tropical fish that can be viewed through the bottom of the boat make the experience well worth the expense.


For shopping, there are three main places to visit. The first two are in the shopping district — Coral Seas Plaza and Plaza de Negril. The third is the tourist market of the city’s outskirts. There you’ll find unique souvenirs, and the merchants are generally willing to bargain. Most of the best eating establishments are found inside of Negril’s hotels; however, West End Road is a great spot for fried fish and chicken jerk. For traditional Jamaican food, check out Sweet Spice on Sheffield Road. Negril is also a pretty lively drinking town. There are many open-air establishments that provide its guests with live Reggae music and a variety of drink choices. The only real indoor club is town is Jungles. The rum bars and beer shacks located on both Sheffield and West End Roads are worth visiting. And, while the West End is the place to party prior to nightfall, the beaches are the prime hangouts once sunset has passed.

Jessica Elliott