It is just a mini vacation we live in Upstate New York I would like to not go any farther then six hours away. We want to do something different sense we are getting rid of the kids for the weekend my boyfriend stated he would like to try scuba diving which I was game for but I am having a problem finding a place to go where we can enjoy ourselfs and they let us go scuba diving with everything we need to learn Please any suggestion

If you are just wanting to "try" scuba and don’t want to go very far, your options are a bit limited. Scuba diving is a bit of a complicated sport to just "get gear and go". BUT you can try out scuba under a professional guidence at almost any scuba dive shop with what is called a "Discover Scuba". In this program, all the gear and a bit of explaination of how to use it, is part of the program. Generally the program is about an hour long and confined to a pool. Although, Discovers can be conducted in "pool like conditions in openwater" living in NY and only wanting to go about 6 hours means that any openwater (ie lake or quarry) will be about like swimming in water that you put into your fridge over night. Scuba diving is a wonderful sport, but a bit of education is really needed. Getting certified or going to a resort in some wonderfully warm waters in the caribean is a great way to try it out, but will be a bit more expensive, although a lot more fun!