500 Madridian Scuba divers per week can not be wrong.. can they? I’ve been living here in Mazarron now for almost 3 years, it was the sun that brought me here, far away from the English rains and cold Monday mornings. Being a diver i wanted to be near the Mediterranean coast, i never took much notice of the town that i was to end up living in, i sort of just checked out if there was any diving around here.. luckily for me there was.

Within a few weeks of being here i took myself down to the local dive centre and booked myself a dive right away, i was not expecting much as i have Scuba’d in some very exotic locations worldwide and been a little spoilt i guess. Two minutes boat ride from the Puerto the boat was tied off to the bouy and us divers aboard were briefed by the DM as we kitted up, the dive site was called El Bajo De Emilio. The DM’s brief was pretty good (well it sounded to good to be true) a small undersea mountain with 20 wrecks around it and a statue?, Barracuda, Grouper and Eagle Rays, he sure made it sound good.

Ten minutes later we were in the sea and dropping down the line to a spot on the side of the mountain in 15 metres of water, I couldnt have asked for more the visibility was around 30 metres and straight away even when descending i could make out the eerie shape of 2 wrecks in the distance and then a school of Tuna not 10 metres away, it was looking good, a very promising start. It just got better and better, we covered around 5 or 6 wrecks all around 30 metres long, saw the statue “La Gorda” standing upright onĀ  her plinth which was settled on the sand. There were Barracuda, Pez Luna (sunfish), Grouper, gigantic Toothed Bream, Congers and lots of Moray Eels..(no Eagle Ray though). Fifty minutes later we were back at the line doing the 5metre stop it was a perfect dive except for the noshow from an Eagle ray, But hey “whats that in the distance heading this way”?, the Eagle Ray winging his way along, the dive had now gone far beyond being perfect.

That was it for me i just had to take my PADI instructors exam and dive here permanently, so i did, here we have 13 quality dive sites all within 15 minutes boat ride from the Puerto, if you want more info about the diving here in Mazarron then feel free to hit me up (details in my profile) and i will gladly answer any questions that you have and also offer advice on diving conditions etc.

Footnote.. Every friday for 6 months during spring and summer approximatly 500 Scuba divers from Madrid (6 hours drive away) descend on Puerto De Mazarron to do just 2 or 3 dives and then drive all the way home. So can they be wrong?. No way, but they do know how to keep a secret though, the diving here is outstanding yet little is ever mentioned, Do others know it exists?

Martin Jarvis