Although it may seem harmless at first, there is much danger to be had when speaking of the breast implants scuba diving connection. Many people don’t immediately recognize the danger of breast implants when placed deep within water with hundreds of pounds of pressure applied to them however, they have the potential to cause severe harm. If you are interested in diving but have breast implants, it is imperative that you study and completely understand what the connections between breast implant dangers and scuba diving may be and what precautions, if any, you can take to protect yourself and ensure a healthy and enjoyable dive!

Breast Implant Scuba Diving Study

There have been several tests conducted to show the potential hazards of the breast implant scuba diving connection however, the type of materials used in breast implants can range vastly and the study that is spoken of here is strictly pertaining to the silicone, saline/silicone implants only.

With that said, the breast implant scuba diving study began by acquiring several breast implants and inserting them in a hyperbaric chamber to observe the results. However, before disclosing the results of this specific test it is imperative to recognize that these were conducted outside of a living body and there is quite a difference between being out in the open and being within a body that is sustaining many pounds of pressure from the water directly over the head.

The first major observation in the breast implants scuba diving study and connection was that the bubbles in the implants grew considerably, in fact up to four per cent! However, they did not grow large enough to rupture the breast implants and the bubbles worked themselves out after a period of time in the hyperbaric chamber.

Most people don’t realize when understanding the breast implant scuba diving connection that silicone is heavier than water and when implanted within the walls of a human being and can potentially cause an alteration in buoyancy. It goes without saying that the larger the breast implants are, the more of a factor they play in the breast implant scuba diving connection.

In closing it is imperative to note that if you have breast implants and are contemplating taking up diving, it is essential that you visit your doctor and get professional guidance as to how you may be able to overcome these issues to ensure a safe dive.

Dane Stanton