I might do a scuba diving course in the summer, but im not sure if its pointless and im just waisting my money. What does it benefit?

For me it opened a whole new world to explore. If you enjoy watching fish and other aquatic animals, it’s the best way to get "up close and personal" with them. If you’re interested in underwater photography, it’s the only way to get really good closeup pictures of sea life. Snorkeling isn’t the same because you have to either photograph everything from above or risk scaring all of the fish away by diving down to them. Scuba diving allows you to be more of a part of the environment so the fish aren’t as easily frightened.

I’ll add one caveat, though. Unless you live within driving distance of a good dive site, it’s probably better to rent scuba gear than to buy it. You should definitely buy your own mask, snorkel, and fins, and maybe a wetsuit if you need one, but with the new fees airlines are charging for extra bags it can be more expensive to carry a regulator and BC with you than it is to rent them at your destination.