Im Going o Hawaii next year and im going scuba diving when im there. I want to catch that on film, but i want one for cheap.

The problem with cheap is that you get what you pay for.

The cheapest ‘dive’ housing is little more than a ziplock bag, rated to 5m and completely pointless for diving.

If you already have a semi decent digital camera than you can probably get a housing for it. You can get ‘proper’ dive housings for most well known brands of digital camera, cannon, nikon, fuji, sony etc. They replicate all of the functions and are usually rated to between 10m and 50m with some rated to 100m. The deeper rated camera’s generally have single or dual o-ring protection and are worth the extra over a non o-ring variety. Expect to pay as much if not more for the housing than you did for the camera.

Any depth rating is a static rating, i.e. it is a measure of just the depth that the camera can be taken to and expect to survive without flooding. But if you accidentally knock the housing against something then you can easily exceed the rating and cause it to flood. This is why they tell you to never jump in while holding your camera and to always get someone to hand it to you.