I seem to remember a story about a couple of daredevils who went scuba diving inside a very large vat of beer at a major brewery, for like 12 minutes or so. The carbonation must have been brutal on the scuba equipment, but I imagine scuba diving in apple juice would be a lot easier. Anyone have any insight about this topic?

Apple juice would be easier, because it wouldn’t eat away at the scuba gear as much. 12 minutes is a pretty impressive time to be in a vast body of liquid like beer because the carbonation tends to seep into fabrics, causing deterioration and making your body temperature change. Also, the density of beer is thicker than water, much more so than apple juice would be. Density causes more pressure on your body and lungs, making it harder to be submerged for long periods of time. Your question isn’t exactly clear, but that’s my two cents on the subject.