yeah i was just wondering where i can take online scuba diving courses for free. I looked everywhere and found ssi, but my local diving center isn`t registered with ssi. can anybody help me with this please?

Free Scuba Diving Certification does not exist unless you know someone that is willing to do that for you. Regardless the Scuba Diving Certification organization like SSI, PADI, NAUI, has fees to register you as a Certified Scuba Diver.

Now doing it online – you may find some organization out there offer the classroom portion of the Scuba Diving Certification online. But you have to learn and demonstrate numerous skills at on land, in swimming pool, and in open water – lie the ocean, lake, quarry (deep water). This cannot be done online.

My advice to you would be to do the whole thing with a scuba instructor in person. This process takes multiple days. You will have lots of questions as you start this process.

If you want to know what it takes to go through the process of learning how to Scuba Dive – check out the e-book from the website below.